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Re: Problem with keyboard layout in kvm virtual machine

Klaus-Peter Schrage schrieb:
Matthew Flaschen schrieb:
Klaus-Peter Schrage wrote:
In KDE (system settings - regional and language) I have set the "DE"
keyboard layout as well. Whenever I switch to "US" there, I immediatedly
get the correct layout in the Windows guest, and switching to "DE" again
in KDE brings back the strange layout in Win XP.

You didn't mention what your host architecture was.  man qemu mentions a
-k keyboard language option, but says, "This option is only needed where
it is not easy to get raw PC key‐codes (e.g. on Macs, with some X11
servers or with a VNC display). You don’t normally need to use it on
PC/Linux or PC/Windows hosts."  You could try experimenting with that.

Sorry, I forgot to mention: The host is a Fedora i86_64 installation, and up to now I have used virt-manager for creation and management of the Win XP guest.

As a try, I started the guest with
    $ sudo qemu-kvm XP.img
and even without the option "-k de", this gave me the proper German keyboard layout in XP.

Back to virt-manager, the old behaviour reappeared. I would like to stay with this tool because of its easy ways to configure the hardware. Are there any hidden configuration slots that I have missed, or is it time for filing a bug report against virt-manager?

In case someone has a similar problem: I have filed a bug (including a workaround) against virt-manager:

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