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Re: Installing nVidia drivers on FC10

Thanks Sam and Andras
Remains to be seen if the driver makes a difference. That will take a few days.
Meanwhile, can anyone shed any light on the header file?
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Subject: Re: Installing nVidia drivers on FC10

2009/3/1 Andras Simon <szajmi gmail com>:
On 3/1/09, Dave Bolt IT Solutions <dave davebolt co uk> wrote:
I have a test box which has been showing some corruption of the display from
time to time.
Since it doesn't matter if I play, I thought I would try installing the
latest support for the graphics card from the nVidia website.

Don't bother. Add rpm-fusion to your list of repositories, and then
you can install the necessary packages with yum.

RPMFusion doesn't provide packages for the 96.43 series of legacy
drivers (which is what the attached build log says Dave is using). It
does provide the latest (180) and previous legacy (173) series of

Luckily Axel Thrimm still builds this series of drivers for F10 - so
the correct answer is:

Do this:

Followed by this:
yum -y install nvidia-graphics96.43.11-*


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