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[Fwd: Re: FC10 Gnome desktop icons gone]

Aaron Konstam wrote:
On Sat, 2009-02-28 at 19:12 -0500, Gary Waters wrote:
I have an interesting issue. I was using KDE for a while, and later
logged back into gnome. All the desktop icons were gone, but do appear
in the desktop folder from nautilus. The funny part is that I have a
trash icon on the taskbar/panel at the bottom. When I click it the
trash opens...and when trash is closed...poof...all the icons reappear
on the desktop...

what the....?

How to fix?

Go to Applications->System Tools -> Configuration Editor
Then under : apps->nautilus-->desktop
and click on the appropriate options in desktop.

Sorry... I already tried that before posting here. It showed up in the google searches I did. It didn't work.
I had some cutom links and one custom folder. They all show up in KDE without fail; however, in gnome, they only show up if I click the trash icon on the taskbar. Until that is done, there is also no right-click mouse functionality on the desktop either...

I also just noticed that in some cases when I hit reply  it doesn't go back to the list, but only to the person who answered...the list isn't in the reply to field...

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