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Re: F10 custom install

Phil Meyer wrote:
john wendel wrote:
Clueless here,

I've got an F10 install running well, and I'd like to move the system to a flash disk. This flash will become the boot device for a small system I'm building. Can I just use "cp" and end up with a workable system? I know that I need to do a grub install. Anything else?

I'd appreciate any clues about what I need to tweak on the resulting flash to get it booting/running.


Clueless ( John )

You might consider using livecd-creator to create a live custom image, and then using livecd-iso-to-disk to create your bootable flash drive.

I have done this about 100 times at work, and it works well. When you use livecd-iso-to-disk you can add overlays for both system and home that will allow dynamic changes.

Another thing: you might create links to /var/lib/pgsql, /var/lib/mysql, /var/log, etc etc, during the postinstall of the kickstart used for livecd-creator.

That way, you can have a separate partition on the flash drive for data, rather than putting data in an overlay.

Good Luck!

This looks like a nice solution for most people. I guess I should have mentioned that the system I'm installing isn't "rpm package" based anymore; I've removed (as in "rm <file>") all the stuff I won't be using for the few applications the target box will run. Everything now fits in a 512 MB flash with room to spare.

Thanks for the reply.


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