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Re: kde-4.2

Jim wrote:
Anne Wilson wrote:
On Sunday 01 March 2009 07:25:34 Gene Heskett wrote:
On Sunday 01 March 2009, Craig White wrote:
On Sun, 2009-03-01 at 00:17 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:

I discovered about 2 hours ago that the updates repo in yum.repos.d was not enabled by the f10 upgrade, so I have been trying to pull in some of the updates, but because of clashes I had to remove of some 4.1.2 stuff.

And I have now lost the kde menu at the left end of the taskbar. If and when I get it all updated, will that come back on an x restart? Or has
some new thingy replaced it?
you can always add it back it...it's a widget

FWIW, Akonadi refuses to start, and when attempting to read the rest of
the error list it shrinks to about half height for each click on the
scroll bar until it all goes away, so I still don't have a good idea as
to what its missing.
probably need to get the rest of the updates installed

They are pretty well by now Craig, maybe a dozen packages I don't have a use for. I got the kmenu thing back, but how can I move it to the left end of the bar where it belongs, I don't seem to have found that bit of magic
poo yet.

This is part of the Panel Config. You can get that either from the Panel Settings menu (right-click on empty taskbar) or by hitting the small cashew at the extreme right of the panel. When that panel is open, hovering over the icon will change the cursor to a diamond, at which point you can drag the icon to any position you want. You probably will want to do this with any new launch icons you add, to get them into the order you prefer. Before you leave, check out the More Settings, just so that you know what the choices are. Leave by hitting the red X.

I moved one Icon at left, over one spot, and then the panel "tray" extended out to cover 50% of the panel, how do you resize the tray, same with clock.
This Panel in KDE-4.2 is the screwiest  thing I've ever seen.

I have copied part of the KDE help manual that I think explains how the "tray" is supposed to be sized. And from what I understand is that tray should be SIZED automatically , but in trueth it is not doing that.
I have attached that page in the Help Manual.
The Panel Toolboxes
 If your desktop is unlocked (you can do that by right clicking on the desktop, or when no application has the focus, with Ctrl+L),a small Plasma logo will appear in the bottom right corner (it's commonly named the "cashew"). Click on this cashew, and the panel controller opens. The panel controller allows you to reposition, resize and realign the panel. The Plasmoids living in this panel will adjust their size automatically. Plasmoids have basic knowledge about sizing, provided by the containment. They are programmed to take advantage of that size, and inform the applet about how much space they possibly need. In the end, the containment gives a possible size to the applets, the applets obey.

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