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Re: kde-4.2

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Sunday 01 March 2009 18:01:14 Jim wrote:
Anne Wilson wrote:
On Sunday 01 March 2009 17:11:04 Jim wrote:
Anne Wilson wrote:
This is part of the Panel Config.  You can get that either from the
Panel Settings menu (right-click on empty taskbar) or by hitting the
small cashew at the extreme right of the panel.  When that panel is
open, hovering over the icon will change the cursor to a diamond, at
which point you can drag the icon to any position you want.  You
probably will want to do this with any new launch icons you add, to get
them into the order you prefer.  Before you leave, check out the More
Settings, just so that you know what the choices are.  Leave by hitting
the red X.

I moved one Icon at left, over one spot,  and then the panel "tray"
extended out to cover 50% of the panel, how do you resize the tray, same
with clock.
This Panel in KDE-4.2 is the screwiest  thing I've ever seen.
Sorry, I can't answer that.  I have 4.2 on three different systems
(hardware and software versions) and don't have that problem.  I can't
even guess the cause.

I'm using 4.2 also.

I'm just wondering if something left over from the updates is causing this. Try renaming these two files

and re-start KDE. You will lose any configuration you've done, but it will be a clean start, and hopefully will then hold the settings you make.

I renamed the two files to .bak and it generate new ones but it had no affect on Panel/Tray. The only thing I seen different was it deleted the Linked Icons I had made on Desktop folder. Since this is a new install , I login to Root and deleted the User I setup and made a new one, which gives me a new
Panel/Tray, I will just have to Link new Icons on Desktop/Folder.
Some place in .kde/share/config will have to be settings for Panel .

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