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Re: Installing nVidia drivers on FC10

OK, I'm confused now.
I managed to download a package from rpmfusion.org and install it.
I now have the following configuration options available in gnome.
System->Preferences->Hardware->Screen Resolution
Applications->System Tools->NVIDIA X Server Settings

The Screen Resolution option tells me that the monitor is Unknown, with a maximum available resolution of 1024x768 and 50, 51, 52, 53 and 54Hz refresh rates only. The Detect Displays button does not make any changes. Reducing the display resolution worked immediately on apply, but trying to put it back to 1024x768 failed, although restarting allowed the display to revert to 1024x768

The Display option allows changing the resolution lower than 1024x768, but requires restarting X-Server to apply the changes. After a restart and changing to 800x600, the highest resolution available is 800x600. Manually editing the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and adding in a number of missing resolutions, and restarting, I can change the resolution in the Display application, or in the Screen Resolution application. Again, changing the resolution in the Display application reduces the list of possible resolutions to the one selected. Using the Display application, I can force the monitor model and make, but the information is not added to the xorg.conf file.

The NVIDIA X Server Settings application allows me to see the correct graphics card and monitor, both automatically detected. Changing the screen resolution and saving to the configuration file appears to work and reports that X-Server needs to be restarted, but there is no change in resolution when the system restarts into gnome.

Any explanations?

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