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Re: "No Screen" error when running F10-i686-Live-KDE and Nvidia GEForce 7000M

On Sunday, March 01, 2009, at 04:35PM, "Peter Reed" <mrdeadworry gmail com> wrote:
>> First off, thanks for taking time to read this post.
>> I am having an issue with running and installing the F10 Live KDE CD. I
>> have spent several days reading posts about how to pull the correct video
>> driver I need for this work on my wife's ACER Aspire 4520.
>> I am an absolute n00b when it comes to Linux. This particular CD will boot
>> fine on my Thinkpad and I've been able to run Ubuntu and Kubuntu on the
>> machine.
>> I'm not exactly sure where I need to go now.
>> Thanks for any help.....
>> Chad
>I have the same GeForce on my hp laptop and I can not get anything but the 
>text install until I change the driver the kernel uses at boot time.  The way 
>to do this is to press <tab> at the countdown to boot an edit the kernel line.  
>At the end of the kernel line add linux xdriver=vesa and it should boot into a 
>usable desktop.  I ended up having to use the Nvidia driver to get anything 
>other than 800x600 but you can do that after you install f10.
>Good Luck

I tried that Peter. It will still come up to a black screen with a blinking cursor and halt.

I tried to boot into text install and build the driver with rpm -ivh with rpmfusion and after both the free and nonfree drivers load, when I go to boot back into GUI with init 5, I get a nice little kernel panic.

What I don't understand is how Kunbuntu will load and F10 KDE won't. Is there a way to run the iso for F10 within Kunbuntu?
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