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Re: Howto revert back to earlier version of rpm, as apt is broken with latest

On Monday 02 March 2009 01:26, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> Nigel Henry wrote:
> > Updates to rpm, rpm-libs, and rpm-python on F10 have broken apt.
> >
> > How can I revert back to the earlier version of rpm? I have the earlier
> > rpm packages available in /var/cache/yum/updates/packages.
> >
> > The current installed version of rpm (apt broken) is
> > rpm-4.6.0-1.fc10.i386
> >
> > The earlier version of rpm where apt was working ok is,
> > rpm-4.6.0-0.rc3.1.fc10.i386.rpm
> >
> > I tried installing the earlier version using rpm -Uvh --oldpackage
> > <package-name>, and that was referring to the rpm package, but there were
> > problems as rpm-libs, and rpm-python were at the latest version
> > (dependency issues).
> >
> > Somehow, it seems that I need to revert all 3 rpm packages to the earlier
> > version at the same time, but I don't know how to do that.
> >
> > Any suggestions would be welcome.
> >
> > Nigel.
> Put all the package names in the same command. What I tend to do is
> create a temporary directory, copy the RPMs to it, and run something
> like "rpm -Uvh --oldpackage *.rpm".
> Mikkel

Hi Mikkel.

Many thanks for your suggestion, which has resolved the problem.

Now to stop rpm being updated again to the latest version, where apt becomes 
broken. It's easy with Debians apt, because I can put a hold on the package, 
which stops it being updated. I have to use pinning on Fedora's apt-rpm, to 
stop packages being updated, as the hold option is not available.

Anyway, I'll work through that problem.

Thanks again for your help, which has resolved a problem.


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