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Re: [Fwd: Re: FC10 Gnome desktop icons gone]

On Sun, 2009-03-01 at 15:18 -0500, Gary Waters wrote:
> It works perfectly when I reply to your emails; however, I had to hit 
> "reply to all"  change the list from "cc" to "to" and remove the 
> individuals' private emails before hitting send for the following:
> dgboles comcast net
> pgaltieri gmail com
> akonstam sbcglobal net
> It also worked perfectly when I hit "reply to" for 
> mikkel infinity-ltd com  Only the list email address was apparent.
> I have no idea what's causing it or If I'm the only one experiencing
> it.

NB:  This is a straight-forward description of your situation, not meant
to be construed as a telling off:

There's something wrong with your client, or the way that you're using
it, then.  I see nothing wrong with those messages that should cause
problems with replying.

This list has a reply-to header that says where replies should go to.
Any responses should ONLY go to those addresses by *default*:  The
address, or addresses, in the reply-to field, and NOT to any of the
"to," "cc," or "from" addresses.  If someone wants to flout that
behaviour, and reply differently, then it should be as a deliberate
action by themselves to reply abnormally (e.g. "reply to all"), not a
default behaviour of their client.

You've added your own address to the reply-to field of your own
messages, and that will mean that anyone replying to you will (should)
reply to you and the list.  You'll get their response twice (once
personally, and once through the list).

If you don't want that to happen, it's your responsibility to remove
your address from your reply-to header.  

On that note, unless you want people to reply to a different address
than you sent your messages "from," you shouldn't have a reply-to
header, at all; it should be empty.  It's an overriding instruction that
means reply to this (reply-to) address instead of the "from" address.
You don't put the same address in the from and reply-to headers as a
normal thing to do.

This list seems to react peculiarly to messages received with a reply-to
address.  It keeps it in the list of reply-to addresses when your
message goes through the list (an unusual, though not wrong behaviour).
And I've seen it get added to the "to" address in the replies to your
message (an unusual behaviour, but it does show where that reply that
the person posted went to - the list, and you).  However, this shouldn't
cause a problem when replying to messages on this list, replies should
obey the reply-to address instructions, and ignore the rest.

The only messages I have problems replying to are those that have put
bogus addresses in (ones that fail during the SMTP transaction, aborting
the whole thing, not just the attempt to post to them as well), and
those that have come through the gmane news/mail portal, as it stupidly
sends out the newsgroup name as a follow up to address, which is yet
another overriding instruction, one that mucks up a combined news and
mail client (like Evolution) when you should be replying to the mailing
list, and not to the newsgroup (in this case).  Gmane shouldn't include
that header in messages leaving their own system.  It subverts replies
away from where they belong; this list that they're tapping into.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.  I
read messages from the public lists.

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