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Re: KDE3 on F9 and F10 HOWTO, now online

Mail Lists-3 wrote:
>  Have to agree with Kevion on this - whilst I do sympathize you mourning
> the death of kde 3 - it is dead. Attempting to dig it up and breathe
> life into it .. is not the right choice.
>  I understand that kde4 has driven away many (including everyone i know
> who used to use kde and even linus himself .. ) but still - you gotta
> either get with kde 4.x or leave it and maybe come back when you are
> comfortable kde 4 does what you want - whether today or in 6 months ..
> or a year.

I also must agree - as one who did also move to gnome for F10 I am hopeful
that in time with KDE 4.3 and beyond that good functionality will return to
the new KDE desktop. With each update there are more facilities, and more
configurability. New plasmoids will be developed, more control over the
desktop will be developed and slowly users may return to kde from gnome
again. However returning to KDE 3.5 in the new distributions is not
sensible, and you would be using insecure ghosts from the past.

There have been earth shattering changes in the run-up to F10, and F11 will
have even more good developments by the time it is released in a little over
two months.

It is time-consuming to move forward with the newer facilities at times but
it is worth that effort.
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