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Re: rythmbox not seeing cdrom

I have had recurring cdrom problems on F9 and F10.   On F10 I have problems with sound-juicer while ripping CDs.  I will successfully rip a bunch of cds using sound-juicer and then I'll put a new cd in to rip and it wont see the cd.  If I pop the cd out and back in again quite often my system will lock up and I have to reboot. 

On my F9 system I wrote a dvd using wodim. After wodim ejected the dvd I popped it back in to verify it and the cdrom icon did not show up on the desktop.  When I moved the dvd to another system the icon showed up just fine and the system mounted the dvd.


On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 5:10 AM, Martín Marqués <martin marques gmail com> wrote:
A few weeks ago I started experiencing problems with sound (partially
solved) and rythmbox not seeing the cdrom when it goes in.

Am I the only one experiencing this rythmbox-cdrom problem? Havn't
seen any threads on the list with this subject.

Martín Marqués
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