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Re: kde-4.2

LPM wrote:
I saw the stretched clock and system tray problem on a client's computer that I worked on recently.  He had upgraded to F10 from F9 and had all the problems listed in this thread plus others.  His Kickoff was on his desktop so it had to be moved to the panel.  His task manager was missing and that allowed the clock and system tray to stretch to fill the panel.  Check that you have the task manager widget on your panel, and it fills the available space.

Good Luck,

I show the Task Manager is enabled in the Widget window, but I don't see any Icon, if I right click on Panel , next to Tray I see Task Manager Settings and if I click on Task Master Manager Settings I get a Window that opens.

              Show Tips: is checked
              Force Row Settings:  not checked
               Maximum rows: 2

Grouping & Sorting
            Grouping:  By Program Name
            Only when Taskbar is full:  is checked
            Sorting:  Alphabetically

        Nothing is checked.

Is this the correct settings for Task Manager ?

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