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Re: Alpine will not show attachments

On Mon, 2 Mar 2009, Matthew Flaschen wrote:

Tom Diehl wrote:
Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this problem?

I haven't used Alpine, but it sounds like it's deleting the attachment
when Firefox "exits". The problem is, the Firefox launcher exits
immediately if Firefox is already running. That means Alpine is probably
deleting the file before Firefox can open it.

For troubleshooting, try exiting Firefox before telling Alpine to open
the file.

Well except that I went stupid and left out some important details.
If I open up a link in the message it opens firefox and displays the link.
If I try to open any attachment it opens the correct program be it firefox,
evince or whatever and then gives the error message similar to "Unable to open document Error opening file: No such file or directory"
The above error is from evince. The message in my previous message was from
FF. Just to be sure, I tried your suggestion but no joy.

Thanks for trying.


Tom Diehl		tdiehl rogueind com		Spamtrap address mtd123 rogueind com

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