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Re: Alpine will not show attachments

On Mon, 2 Mar 2009, Matthew Flaschen wrote:

Tom Diehl wrote:
Well except that I went stupid and left out some important details.
If I open up a link in the message it opens firefox and displays the link.

Well, that's different.  There wouldn't be any attachment to save into
the fs in that case, and thus no tmp file for alpine to prematurely delete.

If I try to open any attachment it opens the correct program be it firefox,
evince or whatever and then gives the error message similar to "Unable
to open document Error opening file: No such file or directory"

And when you look for the file manually, it is in fact gone, right?  I
still think alpine is prematurely deleting it though the fact that it
happens with all programs is strange.

I do not think it ever gets created. I never see a tmp file. It could be that
it gets created and immediately deleted, I cannot be sure. What I do know is
that this used to work and somewhere in between upgrading from pine to alpine
it stopped working.


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