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Re: something about themes and widget

Il giorno lun, 02/03/2009 alle 20.37 +0100, Kevin Kofler ha scritto:
> Ambrogio wrote:
> > is it possible that installing and using some themes on KDE 4.2 (Fedora
> > 9 updated) some widget stop functioning?
> It's probably a bug in the offending theme. Does it work again if you switch
> back to one of the default themes (e.g. Oxygen or Aya)?
>         Kevin Kofler
Well, I tried now Aya and oxygen and it's ok.
The strange is that I tried with a lot of other themes before, so I
thougth it was a kde problem.

The theme Arezzo is very beautiful.
I don't remember my theme before the upgrade to 4.2 but after the
upgrade my desktop was very different from before.

Tnx Kevin for pointing me to the default theme.
Kde4 is new for me and I don't ever find things that I'm searching.

For example, I don't find where to setup the login and logoff music.


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