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Logging from remote sources


I, like many of you, am using an old x86 box as a router, running the x86 
version of dd-wrt-sp1 from a cf card in that old box, no drives, just nics.

So this question is directed at those using such equipment.

dd-wrt has an option to send its logs to a remote address rather than keeping 
them in volatile memory, which it appears can only use about 320 of the 
512megs in that old box. But it auto-rotates those logs at about 50k and only 
keep the previous one.

So I've told it to use this machines ad.dr.es.s:514

I also have it mounting a samba share, but a startup script for dd-wrt that we 
cobbled up back in FC2 days, is apparently no longer working to allow that 
access, although dd-wrt says its mounted, with nearly 400GB of empty space 
showing on its status screen.
I want to set up rsyslog on this machine to be a receiver, and log to a 
separate file, the data it should be capturing on port 514.  Right now, it 
looks like a pretty good imitation of /dev/null. :)

I have the manpages and docs installed for rsyslog, and they seem to contain 
nice examples of sending the logs someplace else, but nothing on the reverse, 
where it is to log from another source.

Is there a tut on this someplace, or can someone advise me how to do this?


Cheers, Gene
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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