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Re: something about themes and widget

Ambrogio wrote:
> The theme Arezzo is very beautiful.

You should probably report the bug to the author, hopefully he/she can fix

> I don't remember my theme before the upgrade to 4.2 but after the
> upgrade my desktop was very different from before.

The Oxygen look was changed significantly between 4.1 and 4.2.

> Tnx Kevin for pointing me to the default theme.

FYI, Oxygen is the real default (and the default in Fedora), Aya is used as
the default in several other distributions (e.g. openSUSE) because it uses
your application color scheme (Oxygen uses its own). Both are included with
KDE and thus expected to always work.

> Kde4 is new for me and I don't ever find things that I'm searching.
> For example, I don't find where to setup the login and logoff music.

System Settings / Appearance & Behavior: Notifications / System
Notifications / Source: KDE system notifications

        Kevin Kofler

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