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Re: Text editor won't let me edit conf files. How do I?

So here is what I do.
Open a terminal
Change user by typing su followed by return key. You will be prompted for the root password, nothing will by printed as you enter it.
   cd /etc/samba/
   gedit smb.conf
Perform your edits, then save.
A tip I found at http://us3.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/install.html#id2544263 suggested that you make a copy of smb.conf as smb.conf.master and edit this file. Include all the documentation comments you want. When you are finished, run the command
   testparm -s smb.conf.master > smb.conf
which will check the validity of your smb.conf.master file, and output the stripped down version to smb.conf. Personally, I have stuck with gedit for now since it offers all the basic and quite a few advanced options without having to specially install anything into my system. Lots of other editors out there, from the basic line editor ed (at command prompt type 'man ed' for more information) but the main problem is to be able to edit smb.conf as root

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Subject: Text editor won't let me edit conf files. How do I?

I'm not good at the command line (Just past newbie). I try to edit .conf files to set up samba but the text editor tells me I don't have permission. All of the system admin functions ask me for authorization and then let me do whatever but not the text editor. I have added the gdm group to the directories the gnome docs told me to (/run/gdm). I have added the gdm group to my user group profile. How can I get a GUI text editor to let me edit .conf files?

Thanks up front for any replies.

RHFC-10  out of the box on a Dell D600


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