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Re: Laptop: Hard drive wakes up every 5-10 seconds

Michael Cronenworth wrote:
> Why would Linux be waking up every 5 to 10 seconds to write to the disk
> when I am sitting at my desktop or sitting at the login screen? (i.e. No
> programs running. Only 40 total wakeups seen in powertop)
> - Seagate 320gig SATA
> - XFS filesystem, relatime mount option enabled
> - link_power_management_policy set to min_power
> - vm.dirty_writeback_centisecs is set to 1500
> I even unmounted /boot (default ext3) but that did not change anything.
> Every 5 to 10 seconds I see the HDD light flash and sometimes I hear a
> very faint "beeping" like the drive is waking up or powering off,
> whichever it is doing.
> Thanks,
> Michael
If it is really the hard drive, it is probably rsyslogd doing
something with the log files. When you are logged in, the CD/DVD
drive is also checked to see if there is a disk in the drive. This
will also light the HDD light in most systems.


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