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Re: pidgin startup data

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht:
>> It did turn out to be a problem with the state stored in ~/.purple .
>> Moving that directory aside caused pidgin to appear onscreen again
>> the next time I started it.

I'm guessing that a list visible was left unset, and show system tray
icon was set at never, in the ~/.purple/prefs.xml file.  The other files
don't appear to have contents that might pertain to showing the list,
and you probably don't want to have to recreate the accounts data.

Craig White wrote:
> Even worse, it's multi-launch meaning that many instances of pidgin
> can run at the same time, all without windows - I have seen a user do
> that and become terribly confused.

If I try to run pidgin twice, the second attempt twiddles its thumbs for
a moment (there's a "starting" message in the window list), but then
aborts (it goes away, and there's only the first run pidgin running).
It seems to handle that user problem fairly well.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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