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Re: How to re-lock ssh private key?

On 03Mar2009 01:06, Robert Nichols <rnicholsNOSPAM comcast net> wrote:
> After I've used ssh on a connection with RSA authorization and given
> my keyring's passphrase to gnome-ssh-askpass, that keyring is now
> unlocked and future connections can be made without the passphrase.
> Is there a way, short of logging out and back in, to make the
> passphrase required again for a connection?  I'd rather not have to
> uninstall or disable openssh-askpass since it's nice not to have
> to supply a lengthy passphrase repeatedly when needed in a short
> period, but I really don't like leaving that key open indefinitely.
> In searching for info I keep getting references to ssh-agent being
> responsible for remembering the key, but I find that ssh-agent is
> never executed on my system.

I wonder how you find that, since it _is_ ssh-agent which provides this
service. What specific checks have you made?


  env | grep '^SSH'

Is there an SSH_AUTH_SOCK?

Find the ssh and kill it. Or modify your envionment sufficiently to gain
control over the ssh-agent (or simply start your own). By using the -t
option to ssh-agent when you start it you can control how long an added
key starts "good". You can also add a key with ssh-add and specify a
timeout then.

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