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Re: Failure in updates, what now?

Thanks Paul,
My system seems to match yours on the context issue.
I noticed there are updates to SELinux in the same updates so wander if there was a problem before SELinux was updated. If that's the case I think I need to re-apply the cups update, if I can find the details.
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Subject: Re: Failure in updates, what now?
On Tue, Mar 03, 2009 at 11:06:20AM -0000, Dave Bolt IT Solutions wrote:
Last night's updates, 17 Updates and 4 Installations, mostly went well but
there was an error with SELinux blocking cupsd renaming and writing to
The summary in SELinux is, for instance,
SELinux is preventing cupsd (cupsd_t) "rename" to ./subscriptions.conf.0
How do I re-apply the update?
Should I be filling in a bug report or three?
What further information do you helpful folks need, if any?

You may be in need of a relabeling for SELinux there.  Try this:

su -c 'restorecon -R /etc/cups'

My system shows the label for that file as:

-rw-r----- root lp system_u:object_r:cupsd_rw_etc_t:s0 subscriptions.conf.O

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