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Partition imaging program(s), for Linux (ext3 FS)

I am an old Norton Ghost 2003 user & use a NG 2003 DOS Boot CD to
backup & restore NTFS <--> partitions on Windows system (dual-boot
Linux & Windows XP Prof).

I have not used Ghost for ext3 partition image backup, though have
been using it regularly for NTFS --> NTFS (Windows) partition backup,
with good results.

For Linux, I have tried partimage, but that will not image an ext3 -->
NTFS partition (it can save the ext3 partn. image to NTFS partition, but
from some posts at the partimage Forums, it seems there are problems
in restoring the image to ext3, if the image is saved to an NTFS

Are there any other programs (other than Norton Ghost & partimage)
that can image a Linux partition to NTFS) _and restore_ from image
properly ? Most of the free space on my HD's is on NTFS partitions.



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