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Re: rythmbox not seeing cdrom

DB wrote:
Martín Marqués wrote:
2009/3/2 DB <Freddog_de yahoo co uk>:
fedora-list-request redhat com wrote:

Yup, I have the same problem with Amarok - it did play one CD for me last week when I first installed it, but now all it finds is a couple of clips
(that I didn't know I'd made) which it calls my local collection. (and
identifies them as something totally unrelated to the actual music.)

amarok doesn't see the CD either.

I sent the following mail to the list:
Evening All,

Since my preupgrade from F9 to F10, it seems I cannot see my CD/DVD players with Dolphin (nor Krusader). Have I killed something else while trying to get video & sound working with Skype? Or has something else been moved to a
new package & I've missed it??

I can see, for example, an F9 DVD with dolphin. So it's not a hardware
problem, nor a dolphin issue. It isn't even related to KDE or Gnome
(the problem persists on both environments).

That's odd.... I've got 2 DVD readers in Master-slave on the same ide cable. If I put a data disk into either, I get the "recently connected devices" window but neither react to a music disc.... And, like you, I can navigate through the disk. (One disk I tried is from a Linux magazine, & IIRC it should autostart. It doesn't & clicking on the autostart.sh does nothing -- should it????). And it appears that I can't right-click on the disks to get a context menu; both right & left click open the device or file from the r"recently connected" window. In "places" right click allows me to eject, release or hide the CD - Maybe we're not seeing the device, only the disc loaded into the device????

Curiouser & curiouser... Kaffeine sees & plays CDs in the master drive, but not in the slave.......


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