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Re: NM: the usual rant

Ed Greshko wrote:
Timothy Murphy wrote:
Matthew Flaschen wrote:

I agree that it's great if users look at logs and send them to
technicians when appropriate.  My point is just that if they don't
understand them, don't want to look them up, and don't want to report
the issue to someone who will, then they should just ignore the logs and
stop complaining.
You seem to have a bizarre view of Linux.
To my mind Linux, and in particular Fedora, is about learning,
not about sending problems to "technicians".

If I shared your view I would use another operating system.
So, are you saying that (in your mind) Linux is only for people who wish
to learn about the O/S?  So, it shouldn't be used by an end-user that
just wants a system to work?  An end-user that doesn't want or care what
a "colonel" is or thinks that application is what you do to deodorants? So, I really should tell my 86yr old dad to stop using Linux?

There is no such thing as a consumer ready computer system. You do realize that cell phones are computers, and that the vast majority of cell phone users use very few of the available features of their phone?

You do also realize that the millions and millions of autobot virus filled Windows based computers are operated by 'consumers'?

It is my opinion, that non technical persons should not touch a computer at all, but that is unrealistic in today's society. So there are two fields of view here:

1.   Educate the consumer.
2.   Dumb down the computer.

The vast majority of people want the computer to be dumbed down. Make it easier to do things, but then they really don't know what they want to do, because they have no idea what a computer CAN do.

So, you create a computer that can only do web and email and an occasional document. But then that consumer will buy an iPhone and want them to synchronize email contacts.

Do you see what I mean?  There is no end.

Fedora is open ended, as are most Linux distributions. Windows and OSX, on the other hand, are closed systems, meaning that if you cannot buy a program to do what you want, your computer cannot do it.

Sure, you can buy a compiler and write your own, but what if that nifty app that you do buy is almost perfect? You are stuck.

With every app in the Fedora repos, you have access to the source! Is it almost perfect? Fix it and submit your modifications upstream.

But here we are again at that barrier of technical ability. And that barrier will remain.

Use what you are given, or become technical.

Good Luck!

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