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Re: How to mesure the inactivity time

> I am developping a tool with java and I want to know the inactivity time of
> the user, i.e, the duration of the time that the keybord and mouse were not
> used.

You can check out my typing/mousing activity monitor written in
Tcl/Tk for helping people with RSI to take programmed rest
breaks: http://www.omnisterra.com/walker/linux/tm-1.2.tar

    Here's the core code:

     proc get_idle {t m d} {
	upvar $m midle		;# mouse idle time
	upvar $t tidle		;# typing idle time
	upvar $d delta_time

	global now
	global x
	global y
	global xold
	global yold

	set then $now
	set now [clock seconds]

	set delta_time [expr $now-$then]

	set f [open {| cat /proc/interrupts}]
	while {[gets $f line] >= 0} {
	   if [regexp " 12:" $line] {
	       set xold $x
	       set x [lindex $line 1]
	   } elseif [regexp " 1:" $line] {
	       set yold $y
	       set y [lindex $line 1]
	close $f

	if {$yold == $y} {
	   set tidle [expr $tidle + $delta_time]
	} else {
	   set tidle 0

	if {$xold == $x} {
	   set midle [expr $midle + $delta_time]
	} else {
	   set midle 0

It basically looks for the mouse interrupt count (12:) and the keyboard
interrupt (1:).  If you have keyboard or mouse on USB you'll need
to look at (5:) instead.  "cat /proc/interrupts" returns a list
of interrrupt numbers and a running count.  If the count hasn't
changed since the last poll, then I consider this an idle
condition and increment the idle counters by the difference in
time between the last polling event and "now".

Rick Walker

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