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Re: [OT] Free download of Linux Fromat for 24 hours

Kam Leo wrote:

> You might make it clear that the download is a PDF the latest issue of
> Linux Format magazine.

would be difficult to send mag thru internet. :)

plus, html would not do lxf justice.

> By the way, it's the first time I have heard of
> this magazine which I learned from Google search is UK based.

live and learn, die and forget.

lxf has been around a few years. issue 116 = 10 yrs 8 months. they also
run 2 and 3 special issues.

lxf covers new distribs, new programs, reviews, q & a, etc, plus include
a monthly dvd. [started with cd]

last i read one, 6+ months, minimal ads.

over all, a good read.


peace out.



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