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Re: Partition imaging program(s), for Linux (ext3 FS)

Jay Mistry wrote:
> Are there any other programs (other than Norton Ghost & partimage)
> that can image a Linux partition to NTFS) _and restore_ from image
> properly ? Most of the free space on my HD's is on NTFS partitions.

A somehow primitive way to do it is to use the "dd" command. WARNING: Make
sure you know what you're doing - misuse of dd can easily lead to data
loss! (For example, unless you're restoring a partition, make sure your of=
parameter always points to a file, not to a disk or partition. Passing a
partition or disk to of= overwrites the entire partition or disk.)

That said, dd is fairly dumb, it just copies every single byte (it works by
blocks for performance reasons, but the result is byte-identical to the
input), it can't resize, omit empty space, compress or other fancy stuff
like that. But it's fast. :-)

        Kevin Kofler

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