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Re: openssl ipv6 support

Michael Cronenworth writes:

Kevin Kofler wrote:
I'd suggest using NSS instead of OpenSSL:
* friendlier licensing (GPL-compatible!),
* has some security certifications OpenSSL doesn't have,
* most likely doesn't have this issue either.

That said, unfortunately, porting existing OpenSSL code to use NSS instead
is not trivial

I did take a look at NSS, but after looking at NSPR, which I would have to use, I decided my time was best spent elsewhere.

If you could point me to a nice example of NSS in use of a client/server SSL TCP socket I may change my mind, but I'm satisfied with OpenSSL at the time being.

Another alternative is GnuTLS. I find GnuTLS's API to be very clean, organized, and consistent; while OpenSSL always left me with an impression of being somewhat sloppy and disorganized.

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