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Re: kmod-nvidia is missing for kernel

Linuxguy123 wrote:
The kmod-nvidia package is missing for kernel

Yes, I know it is based on proprietary code. Lets not get into that.
Its still missing.

I make this post in case the powers that be don't realize its missing.

Thanks for listening.
Linuxguy123, you are correct!  I experienced the same as you.

I ran an update earlier this evening, but didn't get around to restarting until later. kernel-devel and kernel-headers as well as kernel were all part of the update. Right before the restart, I noticed that packagekit had a new notification. I didn't get there in time to see what it was, but had my suspicions. Lo and behold, upon logging back into KDE, I got the dreaded white screen of nothingness. I did a quick ctrl-alt-f2 to log into CLI, and ran a sudo yum update. kmod-nvidia was there at the wait. after update and subsequent reboot, all is back to normal. Here's an excerpt from yum.log (notice kmod-nvidia removed, and not reinstalled until later) $ sudo tail -200 /var/log/yum.log Mar 03 17:09:24 Updated: kernel-firmware-
Mar 03 17:11:43 Installed: kernel-devel-
Mar 03 17:11:45 Updated: kernel-headers-
Mar 03 17:12:15 Installed: kernel-
Mar 03 17:12:18 Erased: kmod-nvidia-
Mar 03 17:12:44 Installed: kernel-
Mar 03 21:20:58 Installed: kmod-nvidia-
Mar 03 21:20:58 Updated: kmod-nvidia-180.29-1.fc10.1.x86_64

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