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Re: dependencies/conflicts on regular Fedora 10

On Tue, 3 Mar 2009 16:35:19 -0800 (PST), Antonio wrote:

> The point made that it is regular Fedora 10 and "not rawhide", I expect to see conflicts and broken deps on rawhide(which I run and not Fedora 10).

It's a useless point unfortunately.

I say "unfortunately", because threads like this are tiresome and

What you've run into is completely unexpected behaviour and not
reproducible. Not even you could reproduce it. ;) Or else you could
have examined it at least a bit.

Once again, nothing helpful has been found out. The helpful details are
missing. You say, rerunning Yum has fixed the problem, if one may believe
that. Something tried to upgrade [or remove] libkipi (the relevant details
are missing!), and an updates repository mirror that carries the new
libkipi would also carry the new digikam*. It's unknown why your update
attempt only knew about the old digikam from Oct 2008 and didn't see
the updates from Nov/Dec.

What's left is other theories about what else could have gone wrong. One
could go back and examine old updates from Nov/Dec 2008, looking for a
small window where perhaps libkipi (kdegraphics) got upgraded without
rebuilding dependencies. Maybe there is a stale mirror that stopped
syncing updates _exactly_ during that window? You've added it's a fresh
install. Would Fedora Mirror Manager point to an updates mirror that
hasn't synced updates since Nov/Dec 2008? And if so, you ought to have
tried "yum clean metadata ; yum update" at least once before posting to
this list.

Also, as the updates are not known to be broken, seeing your mail, for a
moment I thought:

  "Uh, do I really need to run Extras repoclosure twice? Once with
   updates-testing enabled, a 2nd time with just stable updates enabled?
   Are there broken deps in Fedora 10 + Updates, which are fixed by Test
   Updates? Have packagers forgotten to mark such updates stable?"

We've done that before, looking actively for test updates that fix broken
deps actually and still haven't been pushed. It's a waste of processing
time, however, usually. Currently, the only broken dep in stable Fedora 10
x86_64 is this:

  source rpm: rhnpush-0.4.5-1.fc10.src.rpm
  package: rhnpush-0.4.5-1.fc10.noarch from fedora-updates-10-x86_64
    unresolved deps: 

> conflicts

Rawhide doesn't get examined for conflicts (and F10 not either)
automatically -- broken deps and conflicts are two different things.
Conflicts typically are dealt with much more slowly than broken deps.
Search bugzilla for "Conflicts" in case you're interested.

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