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Re: Keyboard settings are lost after each reboot

Me too (keyboard reset to Arabic

Thank goodness I found this (Google DOES have some purpose at times...) :).  I thought I was the only one.  Yup, a recent upgrade completely wiped away the UK keybard settings and reverts to Arabic after each reboot/shutdown.

As soon as there is an answer to this I guess it will appear here?

I have just switched to Fedora from Ubuntu and am learning as I go here.  Running XFCE desktop on an Acer Aspire One I use for work, excellently portable for presentations, note taking etc.. but still looking for that best suited distro, not convinced that Fedora is the one though.  Excellent for servers and brilliant firewall stuff.

I await an fix on this with anticipation.

PS How does one get the 'windows shares' to enable family here to exchange files via the wireless network (Windows share?)..... can't find how to get this going.  Any help much appreciated...  Thanks!

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