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Floppy Access

Fedora 10  64 bit
AMD Athlon 64 processor
Gnome desktop

I can not get the floppy drive to mount.   Each time I try after boot up I get a message to say "Can not mount loction, can not mount file."  When I click on the Floppy Icon under Computer.   The floppy will drives starts to make noises but then nothing.

I get the same response on two machines.  I have tried new floppy drives.  I can not mount the drive if I use the icon under place/remiovable Media/floppy or  the file browser under System tools.

There is no folder for the floppy generated in the Media or MNT folders.

I seem to be able to mount the floppy when I use Fstab but I would like to get the automatice system working.    Sometimes I get the  the CD and or memoy stick not mounting with a message the saem as for the floppy "unable to mount location".

I ahev also had a message re HAL come up when trying to mount.

Does anyone know what is wrong and how to fix it.    I do not know anthing about who the automatic mount system works , what files it uses and what configuration files it uses, or for that matter where HAL  fits in.


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