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Re: Clarification on roles of networking components.

Simon Slater wrote:
	G'day all,
		I've been setting up a SOHO network, switching things over from a
labour intensive /etc/hosts based system to a more automated setup.
With much reading I think I can't see the wood for the trees any more.

	I have found a lot of material on the individual components and their
configuration, but not on the overall integration of the parts into a
whole.  Is there such a guide or even schematic to illustrate how and
where each component is best used?  More specifically:

	Is there any overlap in the functions of NIS, bind and LDAP?  Or are
these mutually exclusive?

Never used NIS, but you CAN use LDAP for your BIND content, but you always need BIND somewhere, and if the app needs LDAP, it needs LDAP (eg SIP).

	When using DHCP, is /etc/hosts redundant?

You pretty much need localhost in /etc/hosts. But the basic handles most apps.

	What is the optimal way to resolve names in a small but growing

Do you have local servers? If not run a namecaching server on your gateway/firewall; most support this. Otherwise, you need a local BIND server, use Webmin to maintain it. I am very experienced with BIND, and still use Webmin.

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