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Re: Clarification on roles of networking components.

Matthew Flaschen wrote:
Robert Moskowitz wrote:
  Otherwise, you need a local BIND
server, use Webmin to maintain it.  I am very experienced with BIND, and
still use Webmin.

Why exactly do you think he needs BIND?

If he has internal servers that local hosts need access to.

For example. If he is running an Netbios server and the clients need to access shares on it. He does not want the world to know about this NAS, plus it probably has an RFC1918 address. So with a local BIND server, he would set up an Internal view.

Perhaps he has an internal WiKi. I can go on with internal servers that need name resolution. He can maintain all of this in hosts files on each client as he seems to have done, or he can run his own internal DNS server with an internal view. Webmin makes this relatively easy.

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