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Re: Clarification on roles of networking components.

> If he has internal servers that local hosts need access to.

> For example. If he is running an Netbios server and the clients need to 
> access shares on it.


> He does not want the world to know about this NAS, 


> plus it probably has an RFC1918 address.

I would definitely recommend a local-only address for the local services.

> So with a local BIND server, he would set up an Internal view.

He /could/ do that but you haven't said why he should.  If he wants his DNS/DHCP server connected to the outside internet, I would recommend he get two ethernet cards, eth0 and eth1, then configure dnsmasq to only serve on only the local interface.  Note that this doesn't require any DNS-specific configurations.  It is inherently simple and secure.

> Perhaps he has an internal WiKi. I can go on with internal servers that 
> need name resolution. 

I think he wants name resolution for all local hosts (why not?).

> He can maintain all of this in hosts files on each 
> client as he seems to have done, or he can run his own internal DNS 
> server with an internal view. 

Nowhere do you say why the complexity of BIND is necessary.  He would be served very well (no pun intended) with a far simpler DNS implementation.

Matt Flaschen

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