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Re: Dual monitors KDE 4.2 - no panel, no keyboard focus

Michael Eager wrote:
Hi --

I have dual monitors using Nvidia Twinview.  I
have both displays working.  The primary display has
the panel, plasmoids, etc.  It seems to work OK.

The secondary display only shows wallpaper.  Mouse
clicks on the screen are ignored.

I can start a program on the second display by running
a command in the primary display: "DISPLAY=:0.1 konsole"
but this screen does not take keyboard focus.  Doing
the same with konqueror, the mouse works, but again
the keyboard is inactive.  Neither of these windows has
taskbars at the top, so they cannot be moved.

Running GNOME, the dual display works OK, with both
screens active.

One correction:  I'm not running Twinview.  When I
turn on Twinview in the nvidia-settings applet, I
get a single X window over both monitors.  I want
independent X sessions on each monitor.

Michael Eager	 eager eagercon com
1960 Park Blvd., Palo Alto, CA 94306  650-325-8077

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