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Re: Perl modules <---> Fedora RPMs (Test::More)

Geoffrey Leach wrote:
> Install _minimal_ Perl as rpms. That's just perl and whatever comes
> with it on yum install. Then get the CPAN rpm, and whatever comes with
> it.

And that doesn't work when other Fedora packages (which are not 100% Perl or
which aren't on CPAN for some other reason) require Perl modules as

> After this, use cpan to install whatever you need. The cli interface is
> simple and easy to use.

Not easier than PackageKit for sure. Or plain yum for command-line addicts.

> The value of this is that if you install (rather than upgrade) new Fedora
> distos, your cpan-installed modules are not affected, always assuming
> that /usr/local is a separate file system.

But the drawback is that this also means you have to upgrade all your
modules by hand instead of getting them upgraded when you update your
version of Fedora or upgrade to the next version of Fedora.

As for not wanting to reinstall the packages after a fresh install of
Fedora, it's a case of "don't do that then". Just do an upgrade instead.

        Kevin Kofler

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