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Re: Clarification on roles of networking components.

On Wed, 2009-03-04 at 15:57 -0500, Flaschen, Matthew S wrote:
> > Now I've caught up on some sleep I can continue with a clearer head.
> > The single server has 2 nics, one internal the other to the dsl
> router.
> > For now internal name resolution and dhcp is the issue, but more
> > internal services will be added down the road, as well as web server
> > usw.  I started with dhcpd but this does seem more powerful than I
> need
> > now.
> I would say dhcpd is less powerful (for your purposes), because it
> does not integrate DNS and DHCP automatically.  Now in many cases
> dhcpd is perfect, but since you want name resolution for all hosts I
> think dnsmasq is a better choice.
	Yes, thanks Matt.  As you pointed out in your first post, I have been
seeing the individual components of a network as disparate entities and
not necessarily linking them together in the right ways.

	What would be really helpful would be if someone could point me to an
overview of networking, showing how the various applications, services
and protocols link together, overlap, complement or substitute for each
other, if such a thing exists.

	Maybe good for a Fedora Classroom session.  Anyone up for it?

Simon Slater
Registered Linux User #463789. Be counted at: http://counter.li.org/

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