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Something is Fishy About My Network


I'm running Fedora 10 x86_64 and I really think something is odd about my ability to network and I think it's all pointing to DNS.  First, I've been running Linux (full time) for almost a year, but I am still a newb.  There are still some Windows concepts that I haven't been able to shake yet, so please be very simple yet thorough with your replies (I'd appreciate it).

So here's the meat of my cry-for-help caserole. 
So because of those issues, I can't properly network my linux box with other computers in my home network.  I just found out (from a friend) that I had an internal firewall turned on.  I didn't even realize that Fedora shipped with a firewall.  From my Windows-days, I've learned that software firewall causes too many headaches.  So; I disabled the firewall I discovered in Fedora.  Thanks for any feedback.

system-config-network 1.5.95
I'm not all that handy with command-line network configuring yet so I'm using the GUI program system-config-network.  In my DNS tab here are my settings:

Marc F.

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