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Re: Strange Thunderbird IMAP problem

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Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

> On Wed, 2009-03-04 at 16:09 -0600, John Thompson wrote:
>> I can send mail from the desktop machine via gmail's smtp service, but
>> copying the sent message to the IMAP folder fails, because the
>> connection cannot be established.
> Not really an answer to your question, but you should note that it's not
> recommended practice to keep your Sent folder on Gmail, given that Gmail
> is already storing it (in "Gmail/Sent Mail") when it receives your SMTP,
> i.e. you're sending it twice to no purpose.

Point taken, but as you note, not really relevant to the issue at hand.

Following up on my own post -- I did the obvious and rebooted using the
old kernel. No joy, the problem is still there, so it's not the kernel.

My other IMAP account works fine with thunderbird. The only difference
between gmail's IMAP and the other account is that gmail uses SSL while
the other account uses TLS. Both accounts still work fine from my
laptop, and are, as you surely recall, configured identically to the
Fedora machine.

Another, perhaps related anomaly on the Fedora machine: xterm no longer
accepts input from the keyboard. Gnome Terminal works fine. Konsole
works fine. XFCE Terminal works fine. aterm works fine. xterm doesn't. I
recompiled xterm from sources and reinstalled it. Still no joy.
Everything other terminal program I try works; xterm doesn't. This
again is new behavior since rebooting after Fedora's updates this

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John (john os2 dhs org)
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


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