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Re: Automounting Windows Partitions

On Thu, 2009-03-05 at 22:02 +1000, Craig Preston wrote:
> On my F10 box, it automatically mounts my Windows partitions as well.
> I would like to change it, so that one of the partitions isn't mounted
> at all, and the other is only in read only. I thought this was set in
> the fstab file, but I can't see it. Where can I change the automount
> settings.
I haven't tried Fedora 10 yet, but in Fedora 9:  There's an
authorisations (personal system) preferences in Gnome which can diddle
whether partitions will be added without you typing in a password again
(e.g. it can be a once off, then it's always auto mounted, it can
require a password every time it's mounted, etc.).

And, if you want something mounted read-only, all the time, you can add
an entry to the fstab file for it.  Then, the auto-mounter won't do
anything with it.

Syntax:  /dev   /mountpoint  fileysystemtype  options

e.g. /dev/sdb3   /mnt/windows fat32  ro

Change the parameters to suit your own situation.  See the man files for
mount and fstab, at least.

Tip:  Don't put manually mounted partitions inside /media.  That's where
the auto-mounter does its tricks, and you might pick a fight with it.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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