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Re: Perl modules <---> Fedora RPMs (Test::More)

rpm -ql perl-Test-Simple-0.62-30.fc8.x86_64

the problem is that  I can't found perl-Test- Simple  src rpm
spec of which should have something like
Provides: perl-Test-More = 062-30.fc8

There are many spec  having
BuildRequire perl(Test::More)

--Nick Zhokhov

Dave Cross wrote:
2009/3/4 "Stanisław T. Findeisen" <sf181257 students mimuw edu pl>:
How can I know which RPM in Fedora release contains which Perl modules? In
particular I want to install Test::More, but don't know where to look for
that. :-/

I usually go and search for the module at http://search.cpan.org/.
That'll tell you which CPAN distribution contains the module. Then
it's just a case of translating the CPAN distribution name to an RPM

For example, Test::More is included in the Test-Simple distribution.
The RPM name is therefore perl-Test-Simple.



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