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Re: F10: system-config-services - hangs?

Sam Varshavchik wrote:
Daniel B. Thurman writes:

For some reason or another, I cannot seem to get system-config-services
to work. It chugs along with the greyed-out (inaccessable) list and then
simply hangs.  Killing this app leaves a process around unless killed.

Works fine with F9, but avoiding certain services that causes hangs
but I am not sure what services on F10 would hang this app.

Has this worked for anyone else or is there some services I need to
be aware of that are known to cause hangs of the system-config-services?

system-config-services works for me. It does take quite a few seconds to come up and plow through the list.

When it's hanging, attach strace to it and see what the process is doing.

I did a strace pid attachment, nothing interesting revealed, until I moved the mouse around on the GUI and all I got was screen activity data. Killing SCS revealed nothing relevant. I started SCS under strace and gawd, just too much data, especially
the polling data, that throws much confusion into the mix.

Seems I will have to do brute-force, one-by-one services removal to see which one is
the offending service to SCS.


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