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Re: Apparent total loss of all Raid 1 data from both drives`


Thank you for the quick response.

1. Software raid

2. The problem of boot not completing and apparently looping through an error path was a function
of the boot drive only. The error was that some function was running to fast and was being retried over and over.
The boot process,when started, proceeded through the locating and loading of the LVM setup.  The failure begain right after that.

3. Yes, however at the time I didn't fully understand how to use it.  I just tried it out and, sorrowfully, will be able to
use it next time.

4. My system has 1 500Gb SATA drive for boot and Linux basic directories. My personal information is located on two 500Gb SATA drives in a Raid 1 array. Using the F10 dist install disk I selected only the boot disk and reloaded F10. Then reconstructed the Raid 1 array, which I have done successfully several times, and then added the two Raid drives back to the array.  They then equalized, which appeared normal, this took several hours.

When that finished I checked for data/directories and there was nothing.  By nothing I mean no directories, no folders, no data.
All though F10 detected that they were Raid formatted (ext2).

So my only disaster is the seeming loss of some very important stuff. I've been a software/systems designer for a long time so
even that shall pass.

I hope this helps.

Again thanks for you help.

Bob Karge

On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 10:51 AM, Mogens Kjaer <mk crc dk> wrote:
Robert Karge wrote:
> After the Mushroom cloud cleared F10 would not complete bootup and produced
> long lists of similar errors. ERGO 2 years of data (both drives) appear to
> be blank.

A few questions:

Is it hardware or software RAID?

How is your disk setup? I.e., what do you mean by
reloading F10 on the boot drive?

Can you boot from the installation CD/DVD in rescue mode?

How do you see that the data drives are blank?


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