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Re: Apparent total loss of all Raid 1 data from both drives`

Bruno Wolff III wrote:
On Thu, Mar 05, 2009 at 10:26:57 -0500,
  Robert Karge <rkargeconsulting gmail com> wrote:
Any help would be very much appreciated.  I have reloaded F10 (on the boot
drive) but both drives from the original Raid 1 still appear to be totally

It is paradoxical how much the total loss of years of work and data teaches
about better backup functionality.

It is unlikely that you have really lost all of the data based on what you
said you did. You do want to be careful about what you do now so that you
don't make things worse while trying to fix things.
The rescue disk suggestion is probably the way to start.
If you are going to try to do something dangerous, you may want to consider
pulling one of the disks. This has its own set of risks though and you would
want to make sure if you got things back, that you back stuff up before
trying to add the disk back into the raid array.

I will agree with this. statement.

With a 500GB drive, I would use this as a work disk. I would do an install that doesn't look at the RAID drives. I would actually disconnect them.

Now you said that you rebuilt the RAID. After to did a rebuild, did you have the same LVM settings? I ask this because I had a real nightmare with LVM and a RAID 1 some time ago. I refuse to use LVM now.

How much data is on the rebuilt array?  What does df give you?

If worse comes to worse, you can use forensic tools to scan your drives for data. I had to do this with my problem. I put the one drive into a USB port and mounted it read only to scan the drive.

The worse thing you can do is panic and rush. It took me almost a week to recover some data after I forgot to back it up when I did a full system redesign and rebuild.

Good luck.

Robin Laing

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