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Re: Computer host name

James Allsopp wrote:
I've deactivated NetworkManager as it was interfering with my wireless
networking, but since then my computer has been renamed to
<ip-address>-bethere.co.uk, instead of localhost.localdomain. I've
looked at /etc/hosts
and these are all set up as localhost.localdomain and the network card
facing the internet is set up statically.

Anyone have any ideas how to stop this happening?

If you are running a DHCP client (and it looks like you are), the DHCP
server you're using gave your machine a host name.  That's pretty

My guess is that your ISP is "bethere.co.uk", therefore they gave you
a hostname that reflects the IP address they gave you.  That's good,
generally, because that means they're probably maintaining a reverse DNS
entry for your IP address that points at you.

You can ignore the host name the DHCP server gives you by editing the
DHCP client config on your machine and adding

	supercede host-name localhost.localdomain;

to the lease clause.  See "man dhclient.conf" and "man dhcp-options".
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