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Re: Something is Fishy About My Network

Tim wrote:
On Thu, 2009-03-05 at 13:02 -0500, Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
The Linux DHCP server no longer has the right hooks to fix up BIN

BIND?  (Just in case you're referring to something else that I haven't
guessed at.)

Yes, my keyboard and my fingers don't always agree on what I want to type.

directly. It needs another tool to help out. The "old" way of doing that is no longer supported and is deprecated. At least according to the documentation the last time I read it (about 5 years ago).

If you mean the DHCP server needs special configuration to update DNS
server records, the previous scheme of allowing clients to do that,
based on what they're address supposedly is, then yes that's out of
date.  Since then, the methodology was to use a shared secrets keyfile

It's not too hard to integrate the BIND name server with the DHCP server
Fedora's using, and the skills learnt in doing so are useful for other
things.  But I think the ease of using dnsmasq is supposed to be that
much of that nitty-gritty work is taken care of already.  It might
depend on what else you want to do, DNS- and DHCP-wise.  You can pull
rabbits out of hats the hard way, I don't know what the limitations of
using dnsmasq might be.


Kevin J. Cummings
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