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Re: xrander and big screen

On 05Mar2009 10:17, David Hl??ik <david hlacik eu> wrote:
> I have laptop with ATI radeon. I am using fglrx drivers from rpmfusion,  
> which claims to support xrandr.
> My laptop has 1440x900 , My LCD attached via DVI has 1280x1204.
> I am trying to use dual sceen with big desktop. Yes I can achieve it via  
> display config, or with xrandr switches via console.
> The main problem is , that X server treates that as a one big desktop  
> screen. When I resize window on full deskop, it is resized over 2 
> displays.
> This is not wanted scenario of couse. I want to behave as usual - resize 
> to the actuall display, not both.

The "maximise" function is part of your window manager, not X itself.
What window manager are you using? (If you haven't chosen one
specificly, this amounts to "are you running Gnome or KDE?")

You may be able to configure your desktop as one X11 display with two
screens (technical X11 term, usually meaning a monitor but at present
meaning both monitors in your case). Then the maximise thing would work,
but you wouldn't be able to move a window from one screen to another.

Maybe the maximise facility is tunable in your desktop? Have a poke around
the configuration panels. (I don't run Gnome or KDE, so I can't help much

Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> DoD#743

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      --Decca Recording Co. rejecting the Beatles, 1962.

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